Prepping Your Toppings Has Never Been Easier!

Our thermal transfer pad works with fudge, cheese & soup!

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Replace your topping warmers with our thermal pads and SAVE BIG!

How It Works

This Thermal Transfer Pad eliminates the need to use water in all topping warmers. Eliminating water prevents lime buildup, mess, and residue, while keeping your topping warmer looking and operating its best. Perfect for canned cheese.

  • No water required
  • Extend the life of your warmers
  • Eliminate chemical build up & other messes
  • Replace quarterly

Buy 6 Hot Fudge Warmer Pads, Get 1 FREE
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See How It Works With These Short Videos!

“I saw your product for the first time at the Colorado Springs NICRA convention and it sounded too good to be true. But the proof is in trying it, which is what I did for about 10 days, and I LOVE IT!! We’re always dealing with the smell of the rusty cans, spills of dirty water every time we change a can, and the need to always check the water levels. I’ve also had to deal with the smell of metal burning because of the water having evaporated. Your product has alleviated every one of those issues! We also do a lot of catering, so you can imagine the hassle of dealing with water with a mobile operation. Thank you so much for this outstanding problem solver! We’re a customer for life. Going back to water would be like changing my fiber optic Internet back to dial-up!”

George Xouris, Andia’s Ice Cream

“We finally changed the hot fudge a few days ago. I was not there but Biana did the change and said it was amazing!!! No smell, no rust, no dripping can and the can was not so hot she couldn’t carry it! She said it was great. I see that I don’t have a lot of moisture on the inside of the pump lids which sometimes can cause mold and mildew to form. I have been checking every day and they are clean. Caramel will be next, but so far so good.”

Marilyn, Country Creamery

“Everything is working better than expected. Our hot fudge flows evenly and we no longer get the crusty build up on the top of the can. I particularly like that I don’t have to worry about an employee over-filling the warmer and have water flow into the topping. Very simple.”

Jim Talkington, Rock Cut, Inc.

Some of Our Happy Customers!